Offsetting Carbon Emissions by Cooking With Gas

February 11, 2022

Cooking with Gas
Buy One, Give One

As a Climate Positive brand, we're committed to measuring, reducing, and offsetting our annual carbon emissions... then offsetting more to create a net positive impact on the planet. 

We invest in a diverse range of carbon offset projects to remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere. One of those projects is Cooking With Gas, which helps rural farmers and their families in China's Sichuan province create clean energy for cooking.

How The Project Works

  1. The project builds a methane gas digester under an animal pen.
  2. The digester collects human and animal waste, where naturally occurring bacteria digest it and produce methane gas.
  3. The clean methane gas is piped to the family's kitchen, powering the stove, eliminating the need for burning coal or wood, and reducing carbon emissions.

Friends of the LA River

What we love about this project is that the impact goes beyond just reducing greenhouse gases by preventing the need for families to burn coal or wood to fuel their stoves. This project also improves families' health by producing cleaner air and keeping human and animal waste out of water systems. Families get an economic boost as well, since they no longer have to buy coal or other fuels.

El Nido Family Centers

We're proud to invest in a project that not only helps protect our planet, but also allows for healthy, sustainable living for families who may not have had the opportunity before.

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