A Thousand Words, Volume 5

July 22, 2022

A Thousand Words, Volume 5

 This week, we've taken a big next step in our brand's journey and launched the new Traveler Bike Lights. With this new tool for urban riders, we're moving forward in our mission to make safety seamless to get you moving. We're so proud to help you to move around your city longer into the night and later into different seasons with our new lights. Thank you for joining us as we empower people choose a better way to move around their cities. We couldn't have done any of this without your support. We hope to see you out there on your night rides soon! 

– Gloria Hwang, Founder and CEO

Andrew Grant from Bloomberg has some thoughts on what makes electric scooters great– and he's calling them the 4 S's: Sustainability, Style, Simplicity, Smarts.

This bike looks wrong, but definitely works right.

Good news for our Canadian riders! Vancouver has just approved a new transit plan that will add 450 kilometers (that's almost 280 miles for us Americans) of bike paths.

We designed the Traveler Lights to be more intuitive, more convenient, and more stylish than other bike lights out there. With magnetic mounting and a simple dial mode switching system, the Traveler Lights are our next step in making safety seamless.

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