Thousand Helmet Coupons & Discount Codes

August 03, 2021

Thousand Helmets Coupons & Discount Codes
Rose gold bike helmet


Updated 8/29/22 

Welcome to Thousand’s coupon page. On this page you will find Thousand’s latest and greatest coupons, deals, discounts, and promo codes. 

Thousand rarely offers deals, coupons, or promo codes as we have priced our products in a way that passes the maximum amount of value back to the customer through our custom-mold design and premium finishes. However if we ever do have a promotion, deal, or coupon you will always find the best offer updated on this page - not on an affiliate website. 

Our Best Deal on

Thousand’s Refer a Friend program allows you and a friend can each get 15% off a Thousand helmet priced at MYR 316.25 minimum. This program can be utilized on our Thousand Jr., Heritage, and Chapter helmets. 

Warning to those trying to get a deal: We do have restrictions in place where you could get blocked if not using our Refer a Friend appropriately. For any questions, please email 

Great Gift Ideas for Every Cyclist

Thousand offers something for every rider on your “nice” list. Check out our quick curated list to make your holiday shopping a snap. We’re kind of like little elves except that our workshop is actually a virtual bicycle shop.



Every bicycle commuter needs a helmet that’s going to go the extra mile. The Thousand Chapter MIPS helmet offers an extra layer of protection, a secret PopLock for security, and a magnetic rear taillight that can also go on your bicycle. Can’t go wrong with the matte black shade called Racer Black.


Pair the Chapter bike helmet with a fun removable visor that shields your gift recipient from the sun and brings out their personality. Not sure which one to buy? The Dayglow Yellow and Tortoise Shell colorways are *chef’s kiss. 



Is there a little cyclist on your list? Get them ready for the neighborhood Tour de France with a Thousand Jr. kids helmet ideal for ages 5-11. Each color comes with a pack of removable and reusable stickers so they can personalize their children's helmet to their heart’s desire. 



The Thousand Heritage bike helmet is the perfect companion for any rider. Vintage styling meets modern design with a magnetic buckle, vegan leather straps, and a built-in dial fit system. It comes in 12 colors and can be personalized with a monogram for that extra thoughtful touch. Plus, it can be worn to skateboard and roller skate. 


Use the extra savings from our holiday cycling deals to spring for a pair of bike gloves to make their ride more comfortable. We offer four different styles, and each features cushioning in all the right places.


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