Traveler Magnetic Bike Lights

39 reviews

Traveler Magnetic Bike Lights

39 reviews
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Light the way with the Traveler Lights. Made for the modern urban traveler, our lights were designed alongside real riders to be more stylish, more sustainable, and more intuitive to use. Are you ready to unlock your city after hours?

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United States United States

Looks great, performs poorly

I have a helmet from Thousand which I LOVE so I figured the lights would be designed with equal care and intelligence. Unfortunately these have a ton of problems and I would highly advise against buying these. Pros: - looks fantastic (easily the best-looking, sleekest lights out there) - very easy / quick to mount - I liked that you could take the light off to recharge without having to unmount the strap Cons: - as a bunch of others have mentioned, the dial design is really flawed and extremely frustrating to operate (why not just have a button or switch?). even months after owning it, it still takes a couple of angry attempts to get it to the setting I want. Even just trying to switch it on/off is a pain and I will often just accidentally twist it off the mount. And don’t even think about trying to operate this while you’re riding your bike… - I can’t tell if this is intentional or an individual product flaw, but my front light flash settings (both of them) have this really weird irregular rhythm where the front light only projects light “forward” every few beats. This makes for a pretty jarring night time riding experience and messes with my night vision. - the rubber mounting strap on one of my lights broke after a couple months of use. Since it’s designed as integral to the body there’s no way to replace or fix just the broken band, so the whole light is trash now. - Rear light flash modes mysteriously stopped working (just brighter and dimmer constant light modes) Such a pity because these are such good-looking lights ! But all the design flaws make these unbearable to use.

Jose T.
United States United States

Nice and efficient front lamp

This is a nice and efficient front lamp I use in my classic bicycles. Very good light at night.

Carlos F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Good idea, execution still not there...

I really liked and enjoyed the lights during the first few months. However, similar to Amanda, the plastics little "flaps" to keep in place and lock the actual light to the base have been disappearing with the time and use. Now one of my lights is permanently on and can't get it to turn off or change into any of the flashing modes. Not quite I expected for that price.

Bill J.
United States United States

Not ready for primetime

The selector ring does not move smoothly, separate from the rest of the front of the unit. After playing with it a few times, and not being rough - I seem to have ground off most of the plastic spurs in the base unit which "lock" the front of the unity to the back. Now it is very hart to move the selections from "on" to any other setting because the front of the unit just wants to separate from the base. Similar to what "Amanda" also reported in her feedback. Also, the whole light unit needs to be replaced when the battery reaches the end of its life. This is not what I would expect from a company like thousand, which is supposed to be forward thinking, nor what I would expect from a RM 359.54 light.

United States United States

Lights are bright and sturdy; Mount is poorly constructed

I opened the box and attempted to remove the light to charge. The magnet is pretty strong and turning it was actually difficult, to the point the tabs that align the light into the socket crushed. Probably my fault, but I don't think I did anything crazy here. I wish they were thicker or metal to avoid the chance of them being crushed.

United States United States

Hate to do it to ya but...

The rotating dial however clever when displayed in a store does not work as advertised in the real world. I'd recommend full fenders if you choose to use this light in any sort of inclement weather. I cannot shut mine off after four and a half hours on mostly dry roads. I do like the size, brightness and battery life, but the switch needs immediate attention.

United States United States

10/10 concept 5/10 execution

The idea for these lights are great and I was psyched to try them out. They worked great for a while but the first issue I ran into is they don’t sell replacement mounts. I had the lights off of my bike but my bike was stolen and I had to buy a whole new set because they don’t provide mounts individually. The second set I got lasted about a month before they stopped working entirely. I was sent a replacement set and the same thing happened. I’ve since decided to move on to other options but I will say that the customer service was incredibly quick and supportive throughout all these problems so that was nice.

Gabriele d.
United States United States

Short of greatness

This is a light predicated on a magnetic latch, the convenience of attaching/detaching and simple operating modes. I purchased it on those promises, after my 3rd rear light had been stolen. I’m afraid the product falls very short. It doesn’t attach solely through a magnet… it requires you to align the light at certain insertion points, then give it a turn to lock. Turning it on or off is hard, since only the middle ring gets the job done, it can be hard to turn, especially with gloves (fabric doesn’t have the same grip as fingers, and there are no grooves or rubber!). If you try to do it one-handed you’ll realize that the ring opposes enough resistance to being turned that your rotational force will actually be directed towards twisting the rubber band that secures the base to the seat post. So you have to use one hand to keep the base steady as you rotate that middle ring enough to turn the light on. But then you also realize that in between the various settings, there are “dead zones” meaning that if you twist it by accident in between, say, steady and intermittent, the light will stay off. Bottom line this light has decent construction quality and price, but it sucks at what it was meant to do. They went out of their way to fail so spectacularly. You are reminded this is one more product designed in a sunny place where they have no clue or memory of how winter conditions and clothing might affect usage of the product. A simple on/off switch that can be operated in cold weather with thick gloves could have been better than this middle-ring-with-too-much-resistance nonsense. A Garmin/Wahoo style quarter turn would be better than this “align pins, let the magnet click, then small twist”. But it beats me as to why so so many companies are coming up with “original" designs that are all ultimately a failure.

Ann C.
United States United States

Helping to Keep Son Safe

Never personally used. Sent them to my son who lives in Brooklyn and bikes to and from work in Manhattan. These lights give me a bit more peace.

Ian M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Front light

I like the magnetic link but the plastic lugs to lock the light in place are not sturdy enough. Turning the light on and off destroyed them on the first use.

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